Anna Czoski

 👋 I'm a multidimensional* problem solver working at the intersection of design, technology and art.

*I utilize mindsets of infinite possibility (with a fine art background) and human-centered (design) considerations. Each lens supports the product development process to realize insightful and targeted solutions. 

Future Arts

Cofounder, winner of 🥇Tribeca X Immersive for the “Emerging Radiance” project, and off-the-charts 📈 engagement rates for our augmented reality showcase with support from Meta: 186K digital engagements on instagram, 74K new accounts reached, and an unheard of average 2:23 Spark AR dwell time.

In partnership with Cornish College of the Arts, our “CUT, CRUSH, DECAY” interactive public mural spans 40 feet and includes mixed-reality extrusion of motion capture data. We utilized prototypes in 3D software, virtual reality and laser-cut maquettes.

Future Arts has, in collaboration with international artists and technologists, developed 15+ AR experiences. Overall: 

  • 100+ creatives have worked with Future Arts 
  • 250K+ viewers of all artworks and content created
  • 30+ tech-arts activations developed
  • 20+ business partners supported 


Created pixel-perfect designs as a UX Designer for this finTech company’s Vet Portal 🐶 - to streamline the claim submission process and reducing strain on overworked administration staff. 

Led user research interviews and synthesized data to build the framework for a new portal interface for dog and cat breeders 🐈. 


Eliminated 7+ months of engineer development time by prototyping and testing a proposed CNC monitoring system to show that it did not benefit the end user. 

Wearing another hat, I facilitated company-wide workshops culminating in a new brand identity 🎨 that included a brand personality guide.


Legendary creators of Myst and Riven. I led VR testing for their first XR title, 🟣 Obduction, for quality assurance. VR platforms (Vive, Rift, Playstation VR).

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