Dance performance with real-time generated graphics.

Architecture of Movement

Sculpting space with dance.

Architecture of Movement is a multimedia dance performance that explores the boundary between physical and virtual space using manipulation of sound and 3D visualization via the performers body. 

The core of piece centers on responsive sound and visuals, which enables the textures of both to amplify each other. For example, the architecture formed by the body has a larger structure but is composed of particles. The sound echoes this form with granular textures that scale to form a larger continuous structure. By being a data driven system, the graphic and sonic elements unwind from the same thread. 

Each performance is unique. The expressive nuances of the dance are not lost because of constraints to set choreography. The dancer serves as the agent of the system as if she is playing an instrument. 

Primary audio samples use the cello, which amplifies the somatic nature of the piece as it is the instrument that most closely mimicks the human voice. 



Pete Moss

Artistic partner. Composer. Engineer. 

Laara Garcia

Movement maker. Choreographer. 


  • Concept
  • Director
  • Prototyper
  • Installation design
  • 3D art and effects
  • Grant writer


Premiere:   2012 June - Interstitial Theater at Rustique Studio, Seattle, WA 

Festival Performance: 2012 August - Push Arts New Media Festival at 415 Westlake, Seattle, WA


  • Interactive projection
  • Dance

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