Artifacts of Movement

Sculpting with human movement.

Digital and Physical

The short dance was visualized as a 3D rendered video next to a wooden sculpture, which was rendered from the same dance data. Exhibited at SOIL Art Gallery in 2014, in the group show Kinetic Thirds.

Inspired by the sensual movements of the body, the sculpture was created by studying the negative space of a dancer's movement. 

Inspiration & Process

While we experience time in a linear succession of moments, I find that tracking the spatial history of form can be quite interesting.  

Extruding this invisible space yields an abstract yet organic form. 


  • Concept
  • Art direction
  • 3D art + rendering
  • Wood Fabrication


Exhibited:   2014 March, at SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA 

Artifact III: Study on Antispace

Media:   Computer generated video

Artifact III: Materialized

Media:    Baltic birch and plywood, 62" x 23" (base) x 21" (height)

Using Format