VR Experience: Gravity Compass

"I just glimpsed the future and it was beautiful."

The Challenge:

Create a virtual reality experience to drive revenue for a new startup company that is approachable and enjoyable to a general audience.


Without commercially available hardware in 2015, my VR startup NovaWake wanted to make an experience that could be enjoyed on-site by visitors as well as become the company’s first product distributed online. In both cases, the VR experience was a revenue source.

My Role

I was a co-owner of the company and created the concept of the project. I served as the creative director managing engineers and technical artists in terms of user experience design and aesthetics. I also created the environment art along with some visual effects in the game engine Unity.


During Terrain 8 people were lined up waiting to view the piece in the 7+ hour time period. 

After launching on Steam, we achieved over 1,600 downloads in the first 6 weeks.

"So relaxing! I did not expect that. I wanna use it every time before I go to bed."

- comment from Terrain 8


  • Concept
  • Creative direction
  • User experience design
  • 3D environment art
  • Effects


Team:  NovaWake Studios

Premiere:   2015 October - Terrain 8, Spokane, WA 

Exhibited:   2015 Oct - 2016 February - Time Traveler Lounge, Spokane, WA 

Released:   2016 May - Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Media:   Audio reactive Virtual Reality experience

Using Format