AR+POPS - a delicious digital experience


The emerging non-profit, Future Arts, wanted to make a splash in the South Lake Union neighborhood with a retail pop-up showcasing their unique intersection of art, technology and community.


I led the R&D from sourcing wood to prototyping laser etching.


  • Sketches
  • Tech development
  • UX Flows
  • Mockups
  • Prototype budget
  • Lasercut files
  • AR Consult 

AR tag design considers readability and aesthetics.

Form factor investigation.

IRL to URL proof of concept.

Prototype Sketch

The QR code on one side of the popsicle stick activates the Instagram filter. When the visitor flips over to the side, the art on the popsicle stick triggers the animation to unfurl and custom music brings the experience to life.

Using Format