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Our mission is to cultivate cross-pollination between technology, nature, and the arts. We connect, mentor, commission and develop showcasing opportunities for emerging and established new media artists.

501c3 nonprofit

As cofounder, I’ve had the privilege of guiding program decisions while also utilizing the creative technologies we employ. From AI-driven motion capture to fungal mycelium sculpture, I have led the implementation of systems that Future Arts relies on to bring tech-forward artwork to Seattle and beyond. In every program, I’ve used a research-forward approach to guide our ideation and execution.

Projects range from large-scale artworks to mobile experiences. Along the way I've worn many hats that include leading operations to designing the user-experience of our web and print/physical presence.


  • Cofounder & Board Member
  • Creative Direction, Art Direction
  • Operations Lead
  • UX Design
  • Graphic Design for web, social, print
  • 3D & AR Art


Mixed Reality Cornish College Collaboration

CUT, CRUSH, DECAY was a 10 month collaboration across disciplines of dance, mixed reality and sculpture design to create a large-scale, interactive installation.

Future Arts collaborated with students, faculty and staff of Cornish College of the Arts as well as established Seattle-based artists and creative technologists. Multiple tools, such as augmented reality (AR), AI-driven motion capture, and mycelium were used to intertwine and expand creative interaction through this public art mural.

In addition to working across every area of the project, I served as the mural fabrication project owner to ensure the digital representation of dance was successfully created IRL in wood, acrylic and mycelium affixed to a public mural installation on Lenora Street in downtown Seattle.


Behind the scenes peek at the process of collaborating with Cornish College of the Arts.


Artist Residency Program - AR Healing Bath

Parasitic Healing Bath is an Augmented Reality Immersion debuted at the two-day Bumbershoot Festival in September 2023, designed by artist Divine Ndemeye as part of the Future Artists in Residency program (F-·AIR). 

Viewers are immersed in the artist’s Afrofuturistic vision of ethnobotany. Using their mobile device, viewers saw themselves wearing a gourd crown adorned with plants known for healing properties as well as patterned beading and cowrie shells, which represent the artists’ Burundi culture. This wearable augmented reality experience serves as an invitation to consider colonial systems on ancestral land, fostering reflection on healing journeys, environmental connections, and the importance of reciprocal stewardship. 

In my role as Creative Technical Director, I collaborated with the artist, the Future Arts team and Houdini Interactive Studio to bring this unique experience to fruition.

Case study coming soon

More details about the F-·AIR Program at futurearts.co



AR+Pops Product Design

Refreshing sweet treats meet mystical portals: custom popsicle stick holders activate a digital storytelling layer through augmented reality (AR). Featuring global artists and stories about ingredient source and ancestry. 

Patent Pending

Press: Read the Stranger article, "Where Art Tastes Like Himalayan Blackberries and Lemon Balm"

View Case Study →

2021 - ongoing


Urban AR Artwork Showcase

AUGMENT Seattle 

A transformative art event united nine innovative artists, spanning Seattle and beyond in the 17 day showcase. Thousands of attendees interacted with beautiful and insightful augmented pieces in South Lake Union's 9th & Thomas Block in Seattle featuring local BIPOC and Indigenous stories as well as International & PNW artworks.

  • 17 days of AUGMENT Seattle
  • 17 creatives from 5 countries showed artwork
  • 9 ARtwork installations in 4 neighborhoods
  • 186K digital engagements on instagram
  • 74K new accounts reached
  • 2:23 dwell time average 
  • 25K+ ad clicks
  • 6 AR tours lead with 150+ participants
  • 15+ local businesses activated
  • 14k views of custom wayfinding app

Press: Read the Seattle Times write-up: "Seattle event AUGMENT aims to show that art and tech can get along"

View Case Study →


Take a peek at the 9 amazing artworks at AUGMENT Seattle.



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