Gravity Compass

Fly through musical galaxies in VR.

Gravity Compass is a virtual reality experience where the user can fly through galaxies, activate music with gaze, or float while meditating. 

Designed for the user with no prior experience with VR or gaming, the project featured a gaze to fly interface. No handheld controller is necessary. 

Debuted at a one-night gallery event called Terrain 8 in October 2015, the project was seen by scores of people, without a break in the line. It was then shown at a NovaWake venue called the Time Traveler Lounge. At both venues we could observe users and gain feedback from direct observation. 


  • Concept
  • Creative Director
  • User experience design
  • 3D environment art
  • Effects


Team:  NovaWake Studios

Premiere:   2015 October - Terrain 8, Spokane, WA 

Exhibited:   2015 Oct - 2016 February - Time Traveler Lounge, Spokane, WA 

Released:   2016 May - Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Media:   Audio reactive Virtual Reality experience

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