A starburst follows a passerby. 

This interactive storefront exhibit is inspired by the Voyager I spacecraft golden record engraving.

Home is where the Heart is

An interactive storefront installation that is an ode to exploration and our sense of home

In 2014, NASA data confirmed that the Voyager I spacecraft crossed into interstellar space. Among other things, Voyager I carries with it a golden disc with an engraving that diagrams the location of Earth with respect to known pulsars in our galaxy; depicting a visual address

In this installation, the starburst that follows the user mimics the "earth's address" diagram. The animation next to the interactive projection serves as a visual explanation of the diagram.  

I wanted to juxtapose the voyager diagram with an interactive symbol that pointed to every passerby's center, making the simple analogy that our heart anchors us. No matter where we are, or attachments we make in this world, the heart keeps the tethers taut to our connections, while balancing at our center. 


(all components)

  • Concept
  • Custom software using Processing
  • Installation design
  • 3D animation


Date:   2014 December - 2015 February

Storefront Gallery:   Laboratory, 301 W Main, Spokane, WA


  • Interactive projection (rear projection at a storefront, using the depth camera Kinect as input)
  • Animated video (2:18)
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