A real-time generated dance performance exhibited at SOIL Gallery.

Eroding Matter & Memory

A memory remembered is never the same. 

The cave in our 3D environment became a metaphor for a construct of the mind. The structure of the piece and the fragmented body of FauxLaara were designed to echo the plasticity of memory.  Memories change, fade, warp and get rewritten every time you observe them.  We tried to mirror this in the composition. The scenes were divided so that each was revisited several times and you would see gestures repeat from different angles or different points in the movement.  FauxLaara represents a memory that is fragmented and changing with every viewing. 

Pete: “Erosion is a process of removing material, however that material is transported to somewhere else. The river that takes it from the canyon, adds to a river delta - its a additive process. As everything in existence, there is murder and creation, there is erosion and accumulation.”

Because of this, the video is a kind of performance - every time we run the piece we revisit the dancer.


Pete Moss

Artistic partner. Composer. Engineer. 

Laara Garcia

Movement maker. Choreographer. 


  • Concept
  • Director
  • Prototyper
  • 3D environment art
  • Effects


Date:   2014 March - SOIL Gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 

Media:   Real-time generated video


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