Anna Czoski

Attack of the S. Mutans! Website


Firsthand Technology created a multiplayer health game as part of a traveling museum exhibit that would teach kids how to best take care of their teeth. In a small team, I designed the website for this exhibit that served two audience groups: kids that visited in the research study, and museum exhibit program directors.


  • Wireframes
  • High fidelity mockups
  • Interaction design
  • Animations
  • Art Direction

The Challenge:

Design a website that would promote the exhibit to museums, while also offering kid-friendly take-aways who came through the pilot launch at the Pacific Science Center (Seattle).

Extra Credit: Animations

Since this website was showcasing elements of the game, it felt natural to include animate elements. 

On hover, the bristle-brush bomb highlights and when clicked, it attacks the biofilm (monster) - reducing it to dust. Other animations included Dentish's steampunk-like inventions coming to life, and other characters from the game.

Embedded in every page were interactive items. The workshop image functioned like a hidden object game. 

Since the museum exhibit was designed to feel like stepping into "Dentisha's workshop," the website was a step into her notebook. 


Company: Firsthand Technology

Exhibited: Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA


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